About Us

As both restaurant workers and consumers - we couldn't live with the absurdity of ordering dinner from our favorite restaurant down the street via a multi-billion dollar market cap, international tech platform. It doesn't make sense! Pandemic and crisis lead to learning first hand how companies have played intermediary while taking advantage of their position and good fortune of being Silicon Valley backed or subsidised behind the cover of a short lived incentive. Pulling money out of restaurants' pockets, guests' pockets, and even the pockets of drivers that want to work, and who work hard was not our interest.

We make our money by selling high-quality food and beverages while providing the same great in-house hospitality through the convenience of delivery, not by over-charging each participant in the transaction. IHA is our way of providing a reasonably priced delivery option for Boulder's best restaurants - to support these small businesses during these challenging times while staying focused on our dedication to our crafts, creative food, service and hospitality.

We treat delivery how we treat our dining room, specializing in guest experiences, caring deeply for what comes out of our kitchens and from behind our bars. When we say we're “locally owned” by chefs and restaurateurs, we aren’t trying to sound campy or tug on your heart strings. We literally mean that IHA was created by the Arcana Restaurant Group and operates as a part of Arcana Restaurant along with the others in the alliance.

“When you want something done right, do it yourself," has never been more relevant but with a minor edit - this is our local restaurant community doing it by ourselves, but together, for ourselves, but also for each other. This isn’t about shareholders, this is about taking care of each other and getting a fair shake on one of the only ways we’ve been able to get through this pandemic. So join the resistance, put your trust in the Alliance and let’s get through this together.

Support local, support restaurants, support delivery drivers. Yes we are supported with technology but with real people behind the monitor - one of them that may actually be bringing your order now...